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Let masonry contractors at Reliance Construction NY Inc. bring project management skills and extensive masonry construction experience to your next project. When homeowners are looking for masonry, concrete and remodeling; they are looking for quality work that is built to last.
Reliance Construction NY Inc. provide masonry, concrete, stucco, pavers, home renovations, home improvements, and home remodeling services in New York by perfecting your residential and commercial construction, renovations and remodeling projects that will uphold the first class reputation. our masonry contractors surpasses in competition, not only in price but value as well. Our crew of masonry contractors is very skilled in all aspects of work they perform. Reliance Construction NY Inc. is top rated in masonry, home renovations, home improvement in area. With years of experience, we display the best of our workmanship, which gives every project an ultimate satisfaction guaranteed. Construction and remodeling your home according to your needs. Reliance Construction NY Inc. offers the best in masonry, concrete, pavers, home renovation and home remodeling services.

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For your masonry, concrete, stucco or any home improvement project call our concrete contractors and masonry contractors at 718-971-4362

Excellent Contractors

Reliance Construction NY Inc. is specialized in various types of work and have received excellent references from it’s customers. We are proud to be one of the leading masonry contractors in Brooklyn/ Queens NY.

Masonry Contractors

When you want to add comfort, functionality, and value to your property, our masonry contractors have the services and the outstanding home improvement skills for all your home needs.

Remodeling Process

We have done many projects including masonry, stucco, pavers, steps, concrete repair, bathroom renovations, kitchen remodeling, home renovations, home improvements, roofing repair, stucco etc.

Skilled Contractors

Our crew of masonry contractors is very skilled in all aspects of work they perform. Reliance Construction NY Inc. is top rated in masonry, home renovations, home improvement in area.

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You can trust Reliance Construction NY Inc. to work according to your needs and your budget. Our goal is to provide our clients with excellent service and prices for their masonry and concrete needs that are reasonable and affordable.

With the best knowledge in the field, Reliance Construction NY Inc. best masonry contractor in Queens/ Brooklyn NY is able to offer homeowners the very best in options available resulting in the highest standards of construction and renovations for their home. Making Reliance Construction NY Inc. the best masonry contractor in Queens/ Brooklyn.

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Masonry and Brick Work

Reliance Construction NY Inc. provides best masonry services in Brooklyn/ Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. We offer complete Brickwork, Veneer Bricking, Brick pointing, Facade brick replacement, Brick Pavers Installation, Blockwork and Concrete Driveways and Sidewalks. Reliance Construction NY Inc. also resolve DOB Violations. Utilizing the best construction material and professional craftsmanship, we ensure that the project stays within the budget. Working in a highly professional and organized manner, we have delivered the best masonry services in Brooklyn/ Queens NY.


At our concrete sidewalk repair service, we do not compromise quality for cost. Irrespective of the size of your project, our professionals will be dedicated and committed to providing an exceptional touch. Our specialists have the right expertise and experience to handle any project relating to concrete sidewalk repair services. Our professionals provide a special approach and perspective to all projects we handle. We only assign the best industry standard professionals to do the job of our customers. With our accredited, qualified, well-trained, insured and licensed workers, you can be guaranteed that your concrete sidewalk repair project is in the right hand.


Procrastinating on the repair of exterior damage can lead to higher cost and greater wood damage possibility. You can hire experienced painting or do it yourself contractors to do it for you. Reliance Construction have the required tools, experience, and qualified staffs to ensure you get a quality exterior house painting in New York City. Stucco is a unique material that can be applied to curved or flat surfaces either outside or inside any structure or building. Stucco has immense use as a surface polish because of its low first cost, utility, and the minimum necessity for maintenance. In its toughened state, stucco is a desired finishing material because it is strong, hard, color-retentive and fire-resistant.


If you are looking for an experienced pavers contractor in Brooklyn and Queens New York City Reliance Construction is the place to call! We do all kinds of brick pavers and concrete pavers. Brick pavers are an extremely popular option for properties in Brooklyn and Queens New York. These durable interlocking blocks come in an enormous variety of colors, sizes, shapes and finishes, transforming landscapes and exterior features into works of art. Concrete pavers are another popular option, due to their cost effectiveness, durability and ability to mimic the look of other more costly materials, such as slate or stone. We also use paving stones in some of our exterior design projects.

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