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Extensions/ Additions to Your Home - Reliance Construction NY

Extensions/ Additions to Your Home


Extensions to Your Home

Do the available space of your house is confined or restricted? That’s why you are craving to have something extra, then the home extension is the right choice for you.
An Extensions/ Additions to Your Home in Queens NY not only make space in proportionate to your needs but also save you from the stress of buying a new and comparatively large property. At Reliance Construction NY Inc., whatever you are envisioning, we can make it possible.

Extension of the home is a big decision but it is always worthy to have more space in the house. It not only gives another dimension to the house but also boosts the value of the property.
Types of home extension/Addition we offer:-
  • Garage Addition
  • Room Addition
  • Second Story Additions
  • Sun Roof Extensions
  • Living Room extension
  • Porch Addition

Additions to Your Home

We are ready to make that perfect building that will change your life forever

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