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Reliance Construction NY Inc. directs constant attention to a total service concept, blending past experience with present day realities. We offer SBS Modified Bitumen Cold process, SBS Modified Bitumen Torch Down App 160, App 180 Roofing as well as Shingle Roofing services with HD GAF Shingle installation.
As Roofing experts in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, we offer you premier roofing services for commercial and residential needs. Our roofing expertise has been passed down from generations of roofing contractors in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. We ensure that the job will be completed within time and with a quality that will leave you astonished.

Our SBS is a premium modified bitumen engineered specifically for elasticity. It is made to withstand even the harshest environments. SBS is the most customizable of our low-slope commercial roofing products with glass, polyester and composite reinforcements.
It can be installed with the widest variety of application methods including cold applied, heat weld, self-adhered, mechanically fastened, and hot applied applications. Our Roofing team is a group of talented and experienced professionals who will approach your project with a defined process first inspecting the condition of the roof and then advising the measures required to repair it within your budget and timeline. Cold adhesives are generally composed of bitumen, solvent, fibers, fillers and stabilizers; some may also contain rubber polymers such as SBS.

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As the solvent evaporates from the adhesive, the remaining components bond to the modified bitumen surface of the membrane by a type of solvent weld.
Our projects are handled by experienced executives who lead the workmen to deliver the best service. Our services range from Roofing, Repairs and Leaks. As providers of cost effective, efficient and long lasting roofing services, we bring you group of experts who offer custom roofing. Whether you’re experiencing leaks or dealing with storm damage avail our on-site roofing consultation to take a decision that is appropriate for your timelines and budget also. We utilize the best quality material to deliver services that can be trusted for years. Sustainable and affordable services offered by us are a competitive roofing solution.

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